What makes facebook so popular social network?

Facebook addict
Facebook has created a new revolution in the use of social networks and eventually internet.As of June 2012, Facebook has over 955 million active users. according to research, 70 percent of the internet users the users of Facebook which is even ore than the share of google. Founded by Mark Zukkerberg an undergraduate of Haward university in 2004, this site has gained huge popularity which has made Zukkerberg the riches youth of the world. People mostly the teenagers are addicted to it and cant have sound sleep till they update their status or see their notifications.
So, what make facebook so popular that it has gained a huge number of users than expected in these 8 years.
Well, lets see some of the reasons here.
1. Comments and likes
One of the thing people do in facebook is share whats happening with them, share photos that attracts others and his friends
are busy commenting and liking his posts. Comments and likes in facebook has psychological effect in peoples mind. If a person
gets lot of comments and likes in hs posts, he thinks himself as a popular celebrity in facebook community else he takes himself as a loser who gets no any attention from his friends.

2. Facebook Status
People are habituated to update their status in facebook which might either be related to one’s personal life, happiness,
sadness, new activities or professional tips related to his/her profession. Some people cant even have a sound sleep
until they update their status. People update their status thinking that they would get more responses from their friends
and fans or simply they love typing the stuffs for their satisfaction.
3. Posting and tagging Photos.
A picture is worth thousand of words and in facebook it indeed is. People share their photos either taken in picnic, foreign
countries, romantic photos or other funny photos waiting for huge number of likes and comments like “Wow, great photos” and so on.
Tagging has become a tool for seeking special attention form people and getting more and more comments in the photo.

Facebook page
4. Facebook Page
this has really reated a revolution in the name of website. It can be said as an easy to make dynamic website (in fact anyone
who doen’t know programming too can make it) where no coding is required (except for advanced stuffs). Various large companies
are starting to focus on gettinfg more likes in their facebook page rather than directly searchng for more traffics in their
website. Facebook page allows the updates to be appeared in the user’s news feed if the user has liked the page which
gives easy access to the user to the company’s update. With the huge increase of facebook users, the number of facebbok page has also eventually increased.

So these are some of the reasons for facebook being so popular. I will be thankful to you if you can suggest and other reasons.


2 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. Yeah i really agree with the facebook pages. It is really a revolution in the sectors of websites. I wonder if one day facebook pages will be used instead of all other webpages.
    Thanks for the post I like it.

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